International AIrline Ticket Booking Engine (B2B) with GDS API

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Need more flexibility with your international flight booking system?

Our International Online Flight Booking - (B2B + B2C) system allows you to connect your own GDS API to sell international flight tickets directly from your website. You can also wholesale flight tickets to your sub-agents, your sub-agents will have access to your system to add balance and issue flight tickets from their account within your website.



  • Connect your own GDS API with Tourism Core.
  • Allow sub-agents to register and buy tickets from your website at discounted price. 
  • Print eTickets with sub-agent's name and logo. 
  • Built-in wallet functionality allows sub-agents to add balance into their account and buy tickets. 
  • Group based sub-agent commissions.
  • Set your own comission on per airline basis. 
  • Offer discounts and coupon codes through your website. 
  • Receive local & international payment directly through your website into your bank account.

Highlighted Features:

  • SubAgent Module: Sub-Agents can signup and buy tickets at wholesale price and issue tickets using their own logo and company name.
  • Built-In Wallet: Allows your sub-agents to load balance and issue tickets.
  • Smart Search Engine: Our smart search engine allows customers to search flight tickets depending upon departure & arrival locations. Users can provide their travel date and their nationality to get the price in NPR, INR and USD respectivly.
  • Travel Options: Oneway, Roundtrip & Multicity 
  • Flight Filters: Filter your flight search result by date, by price, by airline, refundable/non-refundable
  • Best Price: Users get the best price recommendation with every search results. Making it easier for the travellers looking for low cost fare. 
  • Airline Based Commissions: Assign sales commission based upon airlines. You can set your own selling price by providing additional discounts on regular air-fare. 
  • Cancellation Request: Users can request for cancellation of the tickets they have purchased before. You may charge your customers a cancellation fee based upon airlines. 
  • Hold-For-Free: You can allow your customers to hold airline tickets by making partial payment or for free. 
  • Cancel Reservation: Customers can request reservation cancellation from their account within your website. 
  • Issue eTickets: When payment is successful, system will automatically generate etickets and share it in email or through sms. Users also can print or download the eticket or save it in their account within your website. 
  • Brand Fare: Offer brand fare and add value to flights tickets you sell. There high chances users will upgrade or take additional services from airlines to make you more commissions. You can sell brand fare integrated into booking process. 
  • Select Seats: Users can select seats as per their preference at the time of flight ticket booking. 
  • Select Meals: Users can select meals as offered by the airline company. 
  • Fare Rules: Users can view the fare rules offered by the airline company.


One-Time Setup Fees: NPR 350,000/-

Monthly Server Cost: NPR 5,000/- per month (paid annually)

*About Tourism Core Signup & Pricing: To start using Tourism Cloud, you need to subscribe to any of our cloud products (eg: ). Each cloud product has its own setup fees or free as mentioned in their web page like this one. Once you subscribe to a service, you can add employees and other administrators which you only pay for each user for unlimited use. 

Cloud User Charges: NPR 999/- per month (paid annually)

NOTE: A cloud user is any user in our platform, whom you can assign group based permissions to access & manage your services.

Cloud/System Updates: Free - Lifetime Updates

Support: Phone, Email, Live Chat & Knowledgebase

Why Tourism Core?

Here are few reasons why you need to signup with Tourism Core to manage your travel, tours and hotel business:

  • Sell your tourism products right from your own website.
  • Highly scalable platform, can grow with your business needs.
  • Effortless integration with other Tourism Core cloud platforms. 
  • Manage every aspects of your business & website from one single backoffice. 
  • Generate reports, access your data analytics to analyze your problems and get smart suggestions.
  • Bring your employees on-board, give role based permissions to strengthen your business process. 
  • Gain access to world-class marketing tools, advertising platforms to grow your business. 
  • Manage your contacts, leads and sales activities to increase your sales performance. 
  • Gain insight into employee performance and help them improve with customer data through our internal communication platform. 

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